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0660-v3 Movie & images of Diane & Nadieh

4:20 min. movie (1080p MP4, 227 Mb) and 69 images (of which 17 still dry, 27 Mb)
of Diane & Nadieh in a lake on a rainy day:
Diane in a red blazer over a black top, black pants and flats,
Nadieh in a tshirt, jeans and sandals with heels.
Near the end, they take their shoes off, before running into the water once more.

This set has been on the EE Wetlook members site from July 10, 2014 through January 11, 2015.

Because the movie is in 1080p quality, on some slower computers it might not play properly.
If you have any problems playing this movie, contact us at eelsas@xs4all.nl